The 2021 Foot Health Week campaign runs from the, 11th to the 17th of October, with the theme this year being, “love your feet and…. They’ll love you back!”

This theme highlights how taking care of your feet will positively impact the rest of your body and encourage better health outcomes!

With competitive sports close to returning to Victoria, post lockdown, Ursula, one of our Podiatrists’ at SSPC is predicting an increase in cases of overuse injuries, due to the increase of outside running, especially for those that don’t normally do so. Also, due to the deconditioning experienced from no competitive training and sport during COVID restrictions.

A particularly common issue is Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome). Most common in long distance running, with pain isolated to the front and inside of the shins.

The pain is often reported to get progressively worse with time. It’s often a response to too much load/intensity and frequency of exercise, creating overuse.

A good example is lack of preseason training- which is very relatable to Victorians who have had trainings disturbed by lockdown. Poor conditioning and increase in load is only going to lead to stress!

Early treatment is crucial in management and in avoiding potential stress fracture responses.

How can a Podiatrist help?

Dry needling; to reduce muscle tension and tightness and trigger points around the lower leg. Relaxing the muscle ultimately allows flexibility and reduces shin splint pain.

Gait analysis; to identify risk factors and mechanical weaknesses with your lower limb along with foot posture. This information, is used for footwear recommendations and to implement appropriate strength programs.

Return to running programs; work in conjunction to strengthening programs but importantly align with the idea of balancing load and frequency of exercise

Strengthening programs; with the aim to condition you to the load/intensity you endeavour to achieve and maintain form.

Footwear assessment; to identify a supportive foundation for your feet and provide recommendations based on your foot type and sport of choice.

Your experienced Podiatrists’ at Southern Sports Physiotherapy Centre can assess your pain before it gets worse. Call East Bentleigh on (03) 9570 8538 or (03) 9584 2000 for our Parkdale Clinic.

This post was curated by Ursula Richards, a Podiatrist at East Bentleigh.