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Preparing for Surgery and Post-Op Care

Learn about the importance of pre-operative education and exercise, ensuring your body is ready for surgery and orthopaedic pre & post-operative recovery support.

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Pre-operative education and exercise

For some, surgery is a necessary intervention to get you back on track.

At SSPC, we put enormous emphasis on pre operative education and exercise – get your body into gear and prepare for the surgery to ensure you get great outcomes.

And post operation, we’re here to guide and assist you through every phase of your recovery.

Physiotherapy practitioner in a clinic in Bentleigh East performing adjustments to a young woman athlete to remedy her back and shoulder pain.

Tailored Rehabilitation Programs

SSPC Rehabilitation programs are tailored to the specific surgical procedure, individual patient needs, and recovery goals. All SSPC Physiotherapists work closely with your surgeon to optimize your post-operative outcomes and facilitate a safe return to daily activities, sports and work requirements.

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Common orthopaedic conditions we treat

Some of the more common Orthopaedic conditions we treat include:

Total Joint Replacement

(e.g., Hip, Knee, Shoulder): Physiotherapy is essential in helping patients regain mobility, strength, and function after joint replacement surgery. Our physiotherapists focus on joint mobilization, strengthening exercises, gait training, and pain management.

Spinal Surgery

(e.g., Discectomy, Fusion): Patients who undergo spinal surgery require rehabilitation to improve spine stability, reduce pain, and regain range of motion. This often involves exercises, posture correction, and core strengthening.

Rotator Cuff Repair

After surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder, physiotherapy helps patients regain shoulder mobility, strength, and function through targeted exercises and manual therapy. The shoulder can be a difficult joint to rehabilitate so we guide you through every phase.

ACL Reconstruction

Following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction in the knee, physiotherapy focuses on strengthening the knee, improving stability, and gradually returning to sports or normal activities. We use evidence-based programs to ensure you are getting the same opportunity as elite athletes do to get you back to your required sport or life function.

Fracture Fixation

Patients with fractures that require surgical intervention may need rehabilitation to restore mobility and strength in the affected limb. This may involve exercises, weight-bearing activities, and splint or cast management.

Arthroscopic Procedures

(e.g., Meniscus Repair): Arthroscopic surgeries often require post-operative physiotherapy to improve joint function, reduce swelling, and prevent complications. Recovery from meniscal surgery follows a very specific program to make sure your knee recovers well.

Tendon Repair

(e.g., Achilles Tendon Repair): Following tendon repair surgeries, physiotherapy helps patients regain strength and mobility while minimizing the risk of re-injury. The phases of post op tendon rehabilitation must be strictly followed so our physio’s will be your guide!

Carpal Tunnel Release

Patients may benefit from hand and wrist rehabilitation after carpal tunnel release surgery to improve strength and reduce pain or numbness. Our hand therapist regularly treats post operative hand and wrist conditions.

We pride ourselves on providing strategies for neck pain management

At Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre (SSPC), we pride ourselves on the quality and range of services we provide. With over 150 years of combined musculoskeletal physiotherapy experience, our therapists work in partnership with you to ensure a tailored and comprehensive program for you.

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