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Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Our Post Operative Rehabilitation Programs are specially designed to address the challenges of post-surgical recovery, providing a comprehensive approach to restore functionality, alleviate pain, and enhance overall well-being.

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Open 7:30 am to 8 pm weekdays and 8 am to 1 pm Saturdays

We’ll get you moving again •

Managing Orthopaedic Surgery Recovery

Your program is completed in a fully equipped rehabilitation gym that only SSPC clients use. We also have the option of private sessions for more individual care if that is your preference.

It’s a guided journey under the expert supervision of our qualified physiotherapists. Each session is specifically designed to ensure you receive the right level of support, encouragement, and expertise, maximising the benefits of your rehabilitation. Whether your session is for pre-operative preparation or post-operative rehabilitation.

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Ensure You Get The Best Outcomes From Your Operation

Pre-operative strength programs have been shown to enhance recovery and outcomes post-surgery. It is not uncommon for people in our pre-op strength programs to postpone their surgery because their newly acquired strength has reduced their pain and improved their function and mobility.

Even if you do proceed to surgery, you won’t believe the difference that pre-op effort makes to your post-operative rehabilitation. Our physios will take over your rehabilitation management, and in line with the guidance of your surgeon, we’ll get you moving again.

Who is this program for?

The program is specifically crafted for individuals aiming to recover from orthopedic surgery, often focusing on patients with:

Ideal for post-orthopaedic surgery recovery

Helps those advised of inevitable surgery improve joint mobility and function

Effective for significant joint pain or chronic injuries

Pre-op strength programs can enhance post-surgery outcomes

May reduce pain and improve function, potentially postponing surgery

Facilitates smoother post-op rehabilitation with professional physio guidance

Orthopaedic Program Structure

We blend our post operative rehabilitation classes with our GLA:D Strength classes so you are exercising with people with similar conditions and goals. Despite this, you still complete your own tailored program, but in a supportive and interactive environment.

Our physio’s will provide personalized attention, monitor your progress closely, and make real adjustments to optimize your recovery.

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Enrol in our Pre/ Post Op Group Classes

Our team will then work with you to arrange a 1:1 session with one of our physios and get you started on your journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. You will be doing a range of exercises, so you need to be comfortable.

    Absolutely. The program is designed to be able to be continued at home. Even if you don’t have equipment, our physio’s will show you a way to continue the key exercises with no equipment. Often all you need is a theraband to be able to complete many of the required exercises at home.

    Yes. Because our classes are run by physio’s, in small groups, and tailored for your own unique health condition, rebates should be available. Please check with your insurer to be sure.

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