Imagine the devastation of a diagnosis of cancer. And then imagine that once you start to get on top of that diagnosis, you are delivered the same diagnosis again – this time Stage 4, and completely unrelated to the first. And now imagine you’re only in your 30’s.

It’s actually unimaginable, but it’s true. Today we deviate away from the performance and achievements of our amazing athletes and clients, and focus on a life battle.

And whilst not taking away from any of these achievements that we have heard about in past podcasts, this one certainly makes you stop, and think, and appreciate your own life and your own health.

Bowel cancer is one of our greatest cancer killers, but mention bowel cancer and most people under 50 years of age wouldn’t even give it a second thought, and in fact most healthy fit people over 50 still don’t give it a second thought. But in Jolene’s case she was dealt the double blow of breast cancer and bowel cancer.

Listen to Jolene and you will hear an eternally positive, brave, realistic, and inspirational human being – fighting for her life, but doing it with every ounce of energy and hope she has.

So sit back, take it in, and listen to a true hero – and if you can help her in the fight for her life, Jolene’s fundraising links for her life saving surgery are below:

Rare Cancers Australia link (a tax deductible option for big businesses/large donations.

If anyone wants to register for liver donation they can contact Jolene at