In Episode 27 we get elite ultra marathon runner, physio, and pain scientist Donna Urquhart back on the Perform Prevent Recover podcast to discuss her latest incredible mission.

From a dream, Run Antarctica has now become reality, and Donna will be faced with the greatest athletic test of her life in December this year at Union Glacier in Antarctica. 

Aiming to complete the longest polar ultramarathon in history, Donna will confront the windiest, driest and coldest desert on earth. The planning and logistics that are going into the Run Antarctica project are daunting – this is breaking new ground, and there is minimal historical data to draw on to help the planning.

In this episode Donna explains the project, the risks, the training, the team behind her, and a lot more.

Donna’s story is an inspiration for all, and following her journey on the Run Antarctica social media channels is a must.

And in typical Donna fashion, whilst she will be attempting this Guinness World Record by running 1300km in a limited time frame, there is a greater cause: raising funds and awareness of the issue facing young female athletes and their high drop out rate from sport during adolescence.

Take a listen, be inspired, and come along the journey with Donna and the Run Antarctica team.