Episode 28 sees us chat to former SSPC colleague Brendan Goonan, who is currently physiotherapist for the Victorian Women’s cricket team, and excitingly is about to move into a new role as Head of Sports Science and Sports Medicine for Cricket Victoria.

Brendan has been heavily involved in cricket from a young age both personally and professionally, and now finds himself with a lead physio role under the Cricket Victoria umbrella. During the episode we’ll discuss:

– the most common injuries in cricket

– which injuries are more common in males and which in females

– prevention of cricket injuries

– load management (and why match days aren’t often the real problem)

– what to look for to try and catch the dreaded lumbar spine stress fracture early

– strength, flexibility and warm ups for cricket…

and a stack more.

For cricketers of all ages and levels, there’s something in this episode to help you stay fitter and healthier this cricket season.