SHOE REVIEW– the Adidas Supernova Glide 8.

Our biomechanical assessment room at East Bentleigh allows us to really study how the shoe interacts with your walking or running posture.  From a thorough history, hands on joint and clinical evaluation, we will then assess the suitability of your shoes for whatever your training, general exercise and sports requirements with a CLINICAL gait assessment.  This month we put the Adidas Glide under the microscope.

supernovaAdidas Supernova Glide 8

The Adidas running shoes have been a little hit and miss over the years, but in the past couple of years in particular, they have really settled with their new Boost midsole and developing consistency in their key franchise shoes for runners.

The Glide 8 is an update to an impressive NEUTRAL high mileage trainer.  The Boost midsole with testing has proved to be a hard wearing, rebounding midsole, not the soft doughy midsole of some other shoes.  Often we see the midsole ‘collapse’ or deform on the outer heel edge.  The Boost midsole will not collapse in this region – great for those more pronounced lateral (outside) heel strikers.  The Continental rubber outsole adds durability – again, great for hard wearing heel strikers and great lifespan for teenagers and the demands they put on shoes.  The upper has been revamped and will accommodate the majority of feet, excluding (most likely) those of you with very broad feet – particularly at the forefoot.  Size run is US 6 – 15.

Pricing is at $190 – great to see another sub $200 shoe on the market that will deliver high mileage.

You are welcome to drop in and see me here at SSPC for your footwear assessment and recommendations, shoes are expensive, and it is easy to get it wrong.  With all of the noise and marketing out there, I can help deconstruct the rubbish and apply the best available running research evidence to get an outcome that works for you.  Happy running.

Supernova Glide 8

WEIGHT |                             302 GRAMS (Men)  268 GRAMS (Women)

OFFSET |                               32mm heel, 22mm forefoot, 10mm drop


Asics Nimbus                        323 GRAMS (Men) 265 GRAMS (Women) 10mm drop

Brooks Defyance                306/255, 12mm drop

Mizuno Enigma                   310/265, 12mm drop