We are excited to announce that SSPC will now be stocking medical grade 2XU compression to support your athletic performance, injury prevention and recovery.

This Melbourne based brand is the market leader in compression apparel and the exclusive partner of the AIS for compression gear for elite athletes. Also backed by the VIS, Netball Australia, Cricket Victoria, Swimming Australia and Melbourne Ballet Company this brand has established a highly successful reputation in the fitness industry over the last 10 years.

2xu1Compression Tights

2XU compression tights utilise a circular knit technology to achieve an evenly distributed 360 degree stretch compression. 4 way fabric stretch allows the tights to form the body during movement and recovery. The  long-life Invista Lycra that 2XU uses is the highest grade elastane with a lifecycle up to 2.5 times greater than other compression brands with lower grade elastane.

The performance compression tights are designed to improve athletic performance before, during and after exercise.

Pre-exercise: Blood circulation to the heart and lymph nodes are increased through graduated compression for a faster and safer warm up.

During exercise: Muscles are supported to minimise vibration, hence thereby reducing muscle fatigue and damage. Pressure is applied to skin, evoking increased sensory awareness for improved posture, mobility, stability and heightened agility. Circulation is heightened and muscles oxygenised for reduced fatigue, lowered heart rate and increased power for improved performance.

2xu2Post exercise:Graduated pressure assists the recovery cycle by helping the pumping action of the cardiovascular system, removing blood lactate from muscles to reduce swelling, speed muscle repair and reduce soreness. Heightened blood circulation through advanced venous return reduces the risk of DVT and swelling in ankles and limbs.

Compression Socks

2XU have a range of socks to suit training, performance and post activity.

‘Compression Performance Run Sock’ – this sock is the most technically advanced run sock on the market and a perfect choice for running, triathlons and training. It is extremely light and breathable for moisture and heat management. Calf muscles are contained for less fatigue and damage and the compression zones reduce shin splints.

2xu3‘Compression Race Sock’- a strong and powerful active sock for general training and running. This sock provides extra calf, shin and achilles support and has graduated compression to promote circulation. A great sock for race day, gym, training and triathlons.

‘Compression Sock for Recovery’ – a dedicated recovery sock designed for post-activity. This sock has a padded and vented foot-bed for all day comfort and graduated compression that enables increased circulation.This sock is ideal for injury rehab, post surgery, post exercise or to prevent DVT while travelling.

Compression Calf Guards & Sleeves

2XU Calf Guards are strategically designed for calf muscle containment when training and competing, helping to reduce  muscle vibration which is directly related to causing fatigue, muscle damage and shin splints.

2XU Calf Sleeves have a thicker fabric than the guard offering a powerful graduated compression, great for all purpose activities and recovery. The sleeve applies the correct pressure to increase circulation while sedentary or support the calf, shin and achilles when worn during activity.

Purchasing your 2XU products through SSPC means you will have the professional advice from a qualified physio on what compression gear is best for you and your training. We encourage you to go to the 2XU website and look up the code of the exact item that you are after and email that to rob@sspc.com.au to place your order. If we don’t already have the item/ size in stock we should have it in the clinic for you with 5 business days