During my 30 years working as Physiotherapist I’ve had the privilege to work with many great athletes, but possibly none as inspirational and humble as Donna Urquhart.

Beginning jogging in her late teens just to take a brain break from her heavy Physiotherapy undergraduate studies, Donna progressed quickly to triathlons, completing arguably in the pinnacle of triathlon events – the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii – then to outdoor endurance adventure racing and finally to ultra distance running, where the distances have increased from 50km events, to 100km, and now to 24 hour ultra events.

What makes Donna’s story so fascinating (and relevant for so many other people) is the fact that her running began as a pastime, not an obsession, and has always been fitted in between studies, her important work as a Physiotherapy researcher at Monash University, and her number one role as wife and mother.

In this podcast, I delve into Donna’s amazing progression, not only through different sports, but also in becoming an Australian representative in ultra distance running so soon after becoming serious about the sport. Many topics are discussed, including:

  • the many races she has completed and difficulties encountered along the way in each race.
  • “The Trail Beyond” race concept initiated by Donna: 4 Australian women, the 4 toughest ultra marathons in the Asia Pacific region, in 4 months.
  • her battle with injuries and amazing ability to turn negatives into positives.
  • an average weekly training schedule
  • mental strategies for coping with in-race hurdles and dark times.
  • race strategies for 24 hour endurance events.
  • the research she has completed on pain tolerance in ultra distance runners…  and a whole lot more!

In this episode you will hear Donna talk about all the highs and lows, the lessons learnt, the mottos she lives by, and her next plan – competing in a “Last Man Standing” event. There are so many “take home” messages from listening to Donna, regardless of what you do in life.

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