Welcome to Episode 8 where SSPC Physio’s Anthony Lance and Rob O’Donnell sit and talk about the dramatic effect COVID-19 has had on sport, activity levels, rehabilitation programs, and reductions in normal sporting loads.

In particular, Anthony and Rob look at the difficulty that faces all athletes and sports participants as they prepare to return to sport in a relatively short period of time now that COVID restrictions are lifting.

Spikes in training loads, injury risk, deconditioning, optimal time frames for return to sport are all topics that are discussed. 

Sports Scientist Tim Gabbett’s great concept of “Basement, Floor, Ceiling” is also explained, along with amazing statistics from clubs that have come out of sporting lockdowns.

So for coaches and anyone returning to competitive sport following a long layoff, this is a “must listen” podcast to discover what you can do to minimise the risk of injury.

The principles here do not only apply to the recent lockdown caused by COVID 19, but also apply to anyone who is returning from injury layoffs, illness, injury, or even just time away from your sport.

There are two excellent sources referred to in this podcast, which we strongly recommend are read in conjunction with listening to this episode:

AIS White paper: “Prescription of training load in relation to loading and unloading phases of training”

SSPC Blog: Measuring Exercise/Training Loads To Avoid Injury

When you have limited time to get yourself right, you need to know how to utilise every minute to your advantage, and this episode will help you get it right!