The COVID pandemic has seen many people turn to running as their exercise saviour – including many who have never run before.

There’s a whole new subgroup of runners out there trying to run that seemingly magical 5km distance. But do you know how to design the best program to make sure you optimise your fitness and time? Is running the same distance three or four times a week the best way to get fit? Will you get fitter and faster just by staying compliant to the same program over a long period of time?

In this episode we go to “The Running Man” David Eadie and find out everything you need to know about designing the best running program for you. David is a veteran on the running circuit, starting out with four marathons by 12 years of age, progressing to Cross Country running for Glenhuntly Athletics Club, making Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games selection trials, completing a sub 10 hour Hawaii Ironman, then onto the brutal scene of ultradistance running. David has literally “been there, done that” with all aspects of running, and over recent years has combined his running with coaching and training people by designing individualised running programs through his online business

Whether you’re one of the new “5km Phenomenon COVID runners”, a recreational runner, or a super keen runner, there’s information in here that will help everyone improve their programs and their performances.

And David has kindly passed on a basic outline of what he covers in depth in the podcast – click this link to see his suggestion for a training program for all you 5km runners out there, and there’s options for 3 and 4 and 5 day a week runners. 

Enjoy the episode!