SSPC Director & Physio Rob O’Donnell takes over the podcast reigns with this brilliant interview with leading Australian long course triathlete Luke Bell.

In this episode Rob delves right into the triathlon world with Luke, covering topics such as:

  • His incredible triathlon history including competing at multiple Kona Ironman World Championships.
  • The long list of injuries that may well have derailed many other careers.
  • When a camera man got in the way and cost Luke what looked like a potential Kona win.
  • Why one of Luke’s best finishes at Kona is not his highest finish.
  • His training program and training advice, including modifications made during this COVID period.
  • The simple but effective mental strategy to help him through these torturous events.

And at the end of it all, a take home message from his swim coach that Luke has used as his training strategy ever since.

This is a great opportunity to hear from one of our greatest triathletes with advice and messages that can be transferred across all sports.