In episode 16 we get to chat to John Van Wisse – utra distance marathon swimmer and triathlete from our own bayside area of Melbourne. Over a 25 year career, John has won numerous international events, and set world records in gruelling ultra distance events, including the English Channel swim and the gruelling Arch to Arc triathlon from London to France. John takes us through the complexities of the Channel swims, talks about the time he almost died, and details the incredible difficulty of each leg of the Arch to Arc.

John has amazing experience in many of the world’s most famous triathlon and swimming events, and still has unfinished business with the Arch to Arc! He combines his current triathlon training with his swim coaching in Melbourne, overseeing hundreds of swimmers with their own fitness challenges, yet still manages to find the time to train to the level needed not only to complete these events, but to break world records.

Listen in to one of the great ultra endurance athletes of our time!