In this first episode for Season 2 of the Perform Prevent Recover podcast series, SSPC Physio’s Anthony Lance and Rob O’Donnell use the COVID Lockdown backdrop to discuss where the “10% Rule” fits into the prevention of injury and the progression of fitness regimes.

Most people who have been in sport, or been to their physio for an injury, have probably encountered the “10% Rule” and used it to progress their fitness or injury status.

Anthony and Rob look in depth at the 10% Rule, the evidence behind it, and how applicable it is in our current world.  They touch on some of leading Sports Scientist Tim Gabbett’s research, in particular the brilliant “basement/floor/ceiling” concept of Load management.

Even if you haven’t heard of the 10% rule, or have never used it in your management, there’s some fantastic information in this podcast that will help you not only reduce your injury risk when training and progressing training, but also help you increase your own performance levels.

In the words of Tim Gabbett, this podcast is all about educating you on how the 10% rule fits into “Training Smarter AND Training Harder”.