In this episode we continue our chat to leading Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Chris Jones, about all things knee replacements. As the Podcast title suggests, we discuss WHAT a knee replacement is, WHEN it should be performed, HOW the surgery is actually performed, and WHY it is necessary for so many people. In the first episode Chris talked about what a knee replacement actually is, how the decision is made that someone requires a replacement, the materials used and much more.

But buckle down for this episode which delves into the operation itself – what actually happens, what tools are used, the pain, the swelling and probably most importantly: what can you expect your knee to enable you to do “on the other side”!

There’s a stack of information in both these episodes for anyone suffering OA of the knee, and the episodes are a “must listen” for anyone who is considering, or has been recommended, a Total Knee Joint Replacement.

By the end of the two part series, all your questions about TKJR should be answered. And if you are suffering pain and OA issues with your hip, much of the information in this two part podcast is just as relevant.

Enjoy this two part series and please recommend it to anyone you know who is considering this life changing operation.