We welcome back Sports Physio and ACL guru Mick Hughes for Episode 23 and the second part of our talk about the “diagnosis that devastates” – Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries and Return To Sport.

If you haven’t listened to Episode 22 yet, take a listen to that first as Mick discusses:

– why the ACL is so critical

– why the rates of ACL injury and reconstruction are increasing so rapidly

– what makes females so at risk of ACL injuries

– the reason young kids are also suffering more and more ACL injuries.

– how we diagnose ACL ruptures and why “no pain” after injury isn’t necessarily a great sign.

And in this episode Mick continues on with:

– why a reconstruction is not necessarily a “given” anymore.

– how we decide who gets an operation and who doesn’t.

– why delaying your decision on surgery may be the best decision you make.

– the critical importance of the ACL rehabilitation process and why strength must form the foundation of your rehab program.

– how we can make a massive difference in preventing ACL injuries

– the essential factor that guides our rehabilitation and progressions (and it’s not the factor of time).

– when you should return to sport.

Take a listen to this episode to hear Mick discuss some really critical aspects that must be considered when anyone has an ACL injury. This is a rare opportunity to hear it “from the horse’s mouth”, from someone who has been so instrumental in changing the way we approach and manage our ACL injuries.