Welcome to Episode 9 where we have the pleasure of interviewing one of Australia’s best ultra distance runners – Nikki Wynd.

Nikki’s resume is incredible, with wins around the world in distances ranging from 42km up to 343km, participating in not only the infamous Badwater 135 ultramarathon three times (winning it in 2015), but also completing arguably Australia’s toughest ultramarathon three times, Coast to Koscioszko 240km, with second and third placings.

In this episode we chat to Nikki about Badwater 135 – the preparation, the race itself, the heat and terrain, recovery, and why she went back three times.

It’s not often you get to delve into the mind of such a world class athlete, and find out what drives them to such great achievements. And Nikki explains how she trains for these incredible events whilst also holding down a full time job, being a wife and mum, and running an online business.

For anyone looking for inspiration with their running, or thinking about trying some ultra distance marathons, there’s a lot to learn from listening to Nikki!