What is Load Management, and why is the general perception of this term contributing to increased injury risk? 

In this podcast we take a look at the definition of Load Management and why the wrong perception may lead to Detraining or Undertraining, and even occasionally Overtraining. 

For many, training smarter automatically conjure up the thought of training less, but we’ll explain why training smarter often means training harder. To achieve optimal human performance in any sport (and to reduce injury risk), athletes may actually need to be training harder.  But to train well, whether you need to train more or less, you will need a system. And we’ll explain how the “Acute Chronic Workload ratio” is a great component of a system to help you do achieve this. 

So delve into the fascinating world of Load Management, and let us help you develop a system and approach that helps you have High Performance at the forefront of your training ideas, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of injury along the way.