Recovery! Almost every athlete has their own strategy. We know that recovery is critical – good recovery allows us to return to our next training session ready to train hard again, or ready to compete at our maximum possible potential!

But what works and what doesn’t? In this episode we chat to Physiotherapist and athlete Emily McLean and ask her what recovery methods she advises in her Physiotherapy role, and what recovery methods she uses herself in her athletics world.

In particular, we delve into the research project on Recovery she completed on Recovery, and discuss what the evidence suggests we should do. Emily chats about

– Cold Water Immersion Therapy

– Contrast Water Therapy

– Compression Garments

– Massage Therapy

– Overtraining and Undertraining

– Periodisation of Recovery

– Sleep and Nutrition

and a whole lot more.

Hear a general overview of recovery techniques as a preparation for our next few episodes which will dissect the modalities of stretching and ice, and look even more specifically into these two popular recovery methods.