Where does stretching fit into athletic performance and injury prevention? As a follow up to Episode 6, where we outlined all the evidence (or lack of) surrounding static stretching in particular, in this episode we “go to the grass roots” and ask the physio’s themselves.

We are lucky at Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre to have an incredible staff list of physio’s. This created a unique opportunity to hear the views of own physio’s whose experience in the field totals almost 150 years! And if you include their own personal sporting careers, nearly all at elite level, Episode 7 brings you not only the 150 years of practical physio experience, but nearly the same amount of years in personal athletic experience.

Without doubt, when a physio has a long personal career in a particular sport and follows it up with a professional career in the same sport, they are in an excellent position to be able to bring you not only the science, but the practical application! 

Listen in and you will hear our physio’s relate stretching to endurance running, dance and ballet, football, strength training, and gymnastics.

As far as we know, there is no other podcast that shares this amount of personal and professional experience on one topic – so enjoy!

And change your stretching ideas!