Remedial Massage Therapist

Fiona Johnson

“Motion is Lotion” “More WOW and less “OW”

Through massage improve your functional movement and sense of wellbeing

Key Focus

  • Functional massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Cupping
  • Dry Needling

Personal Background

Fiona comes to you having completed a Sports Degree in the UK and working in excess of 35yrs in the sporting industry, primarily in an administration role at the elite level. For the past 8 yrs, Fiona has trained & practices in Remedial Massage which nicely melds her knowledge of sports, movement and now a more holistic approach to massage through a variety of techniques. These include firm massage, cupping, dry needling & Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Fiona is passionate about promoting the nurturing & effective technique of MLD which has efficacy in this world of increasing auto-immune diseases, is effective for swelling/fluid retention and great for pre- & post surgical procedures where normal massage is contra-indicated.

Fiona’s personal sporting experiences are varied having played most sports through school, Uni & beyond (jack of all trades but master of none!). However she has continued her tennis, since giving up the gymnastics & rowing.

Having been brought up overseas & travelled as a child with her family, Fiona has emigrated to Australia and now settled into Melbourne life where she has lived with her Australian husband (& now two kid-dults) for the past 20yrs.

Fiona's Passion

Fiona has always been an active, sporty kid no doubt influenced by her active parents. Games, sports & especially “family fours” of tennis were always the order of the day. This led to pursuing a sports degree which was her passion – she could not believe you could meld education & a love for sport!

Fiona has a foundation in gymnastics, believing it is so important for life – spatial awareness, balance, posture and the perfect ratios of size and power to strength with effective musculature for functional movement.

One of Fiona’s life goals was “always to get to the Olympics – probably not as an athlete” but nevertheless she has achieved that goal twice fold & more.  This has given Fiona an appreciation of the demands on the body and a passion to help individuals achieve the “best version of themselves” with her help.  She is empathetic, approachable and keen to help others