Senior Physiotherapist

Nathan Powyer

As a practitioner I am always keen to learn why the patient has presented. Not just the diagnosis or what tissue has been compromised but also what they love doing and are keen to get back to. Once we work out what they have changed or done to end up in their current situation and pair it with what they are keen to get back to then the most appropriate treatment plan becomes clear.

Key Focus

Personal Background

Born and raised in Sydney Nathan spent much of his young life on a variety of sports fields. After realising he wasn’t going to win the ashes or make it as any kind of athlete he moved towards helping those that had greater talent.

In the 20+ years since qualifying Nathan has worked with both professional and amateur teams in a variety of codes, in hospitals and private practices both here in Australia and overseas. Nathan has undergone a variety of post-graduate training in dry needling, pilates, neck and headache treatment amongst others.

These days Nathan gets his sporting fix helping to coach his daughters’ cricket teams. He enjoys cooking, hanging out with friends and spends as much time playing golf and skiing as he can get away with.

Nathan's Passion

Giving patients the guidance they need to return to doing the things they love without pain and making good, informed choices about their health and lifestyle going forward.